Education Advocates for Children with Special Needs

Todd & Associates assists children with special needs and their families with a variety of legal issues.  Our goal is to help children reach their full potential. Under Federal law (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) all children with disabilities are entitled to receive a free, appropriate public education. The law provides for:

  • An appropriate evaluation by the school district
  • An Individual Education Plan (IEP) with the least restrictive environment
  • Parental involvement at each stage in the process
  • Due process hearing rights

Special education law can be extremely complex requiring familiarity with federal and state law as well as local education board policies and regulations.  Simply because a child is provided with an IEP does not mean that the child is receiving the appropriate services or has been given access to the best program.  Parents must effectively advocate for better programs and services.  If you are unable to secure  the program or service from your public school system, consider consulting with Todd & Associates.  Our firm will assist you in protecting your child's rights in obtaining:

  • Initial Screening and Eligibility Evaluation
  • IEP and 504 Plans
  • Accommodation Analysis
  • Transition Planning and Support
  • Program Monitoring and Referrals