Employment Law


                 Our clients rely upon us to identify and correct potential areas of claims exposure in order to avoid or minimize protracted litigation and substantial financial penalties.  Todd & Associates assists our client by providing valuable information and insight that our clients need in order to make pivotal employment decisions.  Our firm has assisted corporate management in creating Human Resources policies and procedures as well as developing and implementing training programs as a means of fairly complying with legal requirements, anticipating problems in the workplace, and helping to avoid litigation in the future.  Some of our clients have requested that we conduct a comprehensive review of existing policies for regulatory and legal compliance.

             Sometimes our clients and their businesses become involved in employment-related litigation.  When litigation arises, our firm represents individuals, businesses, or corporations in cases involving all types employment matters such as discrimination, allegations of sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and breach of contract claims.  Our experience as trial lawyers includes representation of claims involving Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Fair Employment & Housing, and ADEA-related claims at the administrative and trial court levels.

             We have extensive experience in whistle-blowing claims based on statutory protection, False Claims Act (Qui Tam), and other common law retaliatory discharge claims.

             To responsibly resolve employment litigation matters, our firm works with our clients to  determine the critical needs and ultimate goals.  We move decisively to negotiate innovative settlement agreements including severance packages, compensation, settlement agreements, non-competition provisions.  When the facts of the case point inevitably toward litigation, we utilize a well-developed strategy of pursuing the most cost effective and expedient method case resolution based on our extensive experience representing clients before state and federal courts and administrative agencies.

             When you need legal advice and guidance related to employment practices and relationships, Todd & Associates is poised to put their expertise to work for your business.


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